What Would You Do If Your Dog Ate Your Homework?

Sometimes, non-nutritious objects can harm the digestive system of your pet and become trapped in his inner organs. If the amount of paper eaten by your dog is pretty large, then you should bring him to a veterinarian.

Can a dog really eat your homework?

As it turns out, dogs really do eat paper from time to time. If you explain this to your teacher — and show her what scraps remain, if any — you just might get an extension to re-do that assignment. … If you simply forget to do your homework, don’t lie and blame it on your dog!

Who was the first person to say my dog ate my homework?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first example of the dog ate my homework excuse in print can be found in a speech given by retiring headmaster James Bewsher in 1929 and published in the Manchester Guardian: “It is a long time since I have had the excuse about the dog tearing up the arithmetic homework.” …

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When your dog eats your philosophy homework meaning?

“The dog ate my homework” (or “My dog ate my homework”) is an English expression which carries the suggestion of being a common, poorly fabricated excuse made by schoolchildren to explain their failure to turn in an assignment on time.

What does Should I eat my homework?

(The) dog ate my homework

A poor excuse for something that someone has failed to do on time. (From an excuse a student might give for failing to turn in homework on time. Occurs in many variations.)

Will my dog eat my poop?

Poop Eating Is Normal for Dogs and Puppies

It is, however, a normal, natural behavior at some canine life stages. … Eating their own poop is harmless, but consuming poop from other animals may cause health problems if the stool is contaminated with parasites, viruses, or toxins.

Will my dog eat my baby?

It is rare for dogs to attack infants, but as Monday’s attack by a family’s pet dog on a newborn baby has shown, even a child who is not interacting with a dog can be at risk. Here are some of the factors experts say may prompt aggression in a dog. Video Player is loading.

Is my dog ate my homework a good excuse?

“The dog ate my homework” (or “My dog ate my homework”) is an English expression which carries the suggestion of being a common, poorly fabricated excuse made by schoolchildren to explain their failure to turn in an assignment on time.

Will my dog eat my cat?

Dogs certainly do kill cats, though it is very rare that they will eat a cat. Cats and dogs are instinctive enemies. … It has been proved time and again that dogs and cats can be friends. That usually happens when puppies and kittens are brought up together in the same household.

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Do dogs eat dead bodies?

Dogs are perfectly willing to eat human corpses, and there’s no evidence that they treat their masters differently than any other dead body. Many cultures consider dogs unclean precisely because of their tendency to scavenge our remains. … Modern dogs exhibit the same behavior, and many have eaten their fallen masters.

Will my dog eat my bearded dragon?

You will always hear about bearded dragons getting along with dogs, but this really is the exception to the rule. There’s always a risk that your dog will eat the beardie; it’s nature after all.

What if my dog ate a piece of chocolate?

If you believe your dog ate chocolate, call your veterinarian immediately or call the Pet Poison Helpline (855-213-6680) for advice. … For more severe cases, veterinary intervention may be needed to provide supplemental treatment, such as medications or IV fluids, to resolve the effects of the poisoning.

Why do dogs eat paper?

Dogs may crave paper because they are missing crucial minerals, like iron, in their diet. … Anxiety can also lead dogs to chew or shred paper in an effort to soothe themselves. Dogs may also eat toilet paper simply because they are bored.

Do cats eat homework?

Yes, cats eat homework too! It is common for cat owners to discover that their angel cat ate paper. So it may be your kitty that keeps ruining your homework… At least the ones you write or print on paper.

Who came up with the word dog?

The origin of the English word dog has been a riddle for ages. It developed through Middle English dogge from Old English docga, after which the trail seems to go cold. At first it referred mostly to dogs of a coarser nature and was often used disparagingly, also as an insult to people.

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Why do dogs lick you?

Dogs often lick people to show affection, as a greeting, or to simply get our attention. Of course, if you happen to have a little food, lotion, or salty sweat on your skin, that may play a role as well.” Along with affection, these are some other things your dog actually wants from you.