What Is The Theme Of The Story The Censors?

The very broad theme of ‘The Censors’ is that government censorship and authoritarianism can cause profound psychological changes in an individual.

What type of conflict is The Censors?

What is the main conflict in the story? Is the conflict internal or external, and why? Although Juan is against censorship, he turns in his coworkers to his boss with their plan for a strike, which leads to Juan’s promotion and the punishment of his coworkers (man versus man).

What point of view is the censors?

-Point of View: The point of view in the story, The Censors is one of a third person limited. All we know about the story comes from the observations of Juan’s made by the narrator. We only know of his feelings through his actions.

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How did Juan view the responsibility of his job The Censors?

Juan censors letters because of simple, innocent phrases (such as the weather). He is brainwashed to look too hard and is delusional in this way. Juan and his company think he is doing a good job as a censor, but the reader knows he is actually doing a bad job because he is censoring innocent letters.

What literary device is used in The Censors?

In the short story “The Censor”, Luisa Valenzuela uses situational irony. In the beginning a man named Juan applies to the censorship office after he writes a self-incriminating letter to his friend in Paris “simply to intercept his own letter.” (187) Juan is quite worried that his letter would get him in trouble.

Why does Juan censor his own letter without regret?

Why does Juan censor his own letter to Mariana “without regret”? … He is so committed to censorship that he doesn’t consider his own well-being. He wants to be sure that he censors all letters thoroughly and conscientiously.

Why does Juan want to intercept the letter be mailed to Mariana?

Why does Juan want to intercept the letter he mailed to Mariana? To stop her from reading the bad intentions he originally had.

What is the irony in the censors?

The story “The Censor” is an example of situational irony because the main character does exactly the opposite of what he would have expected.

Who is the protagonist of the censors?

The protagonist in “The Censors” is Juan and the antagonist is the Censorship Division. Juan was chosen as the main character because he easily related to by the reader. He is a man who appears to be in love with a woman and only wants to be in contact with her.

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What is being censored mean?

Censorship is the suppression of speech, public communication, or other information. This may be done on the basis that such material is considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or “inconvenient”. … Other groups or institutions may propose and petition for censorship.

What is Valenzuela’s purpose for writing the censors?

Theme: The theme of The Censors is one of distrust. Luisa Valenzuela’s message with the writing of this book was to trust no one. In the world she once lived, there was no one who could be trusted, not even yourself.

What is the result of Juan’s enthusiasm on the job?

Why does Juan take a job as a censor? … What is the result of Juan’s enthusiasm of the job? He gets promoted. What does Juan do when he finds his letter to Mariana?

What is Juan afraid that the government might do to Mariana?

8. Juan is afraid he and Marianna will be kidnapped. 9. Juan decides to get a job at the censorship office so that he can find his letter and hide it from the government.

Is Juan a round or flat character?

Juan is a round character because of the conflicts within his character: while Juan is breaking the law, many readers would be sympathetic to his reasons for doing so. Also, instead of just hating Rick for bullying him, Juan considers the causes of Rick’s feelings, which shows some emotional depth on Juan’s part.

What does the narrator say is a feeling you can’t trust?

Examples of tone: “Juancito let happiness—a feeling you can’t trust—get the better of him…” The narrator is showing a distrust of positive feelings, setting the stage for the main character’s change during the story. … The narrator ironically suggests that Juan feels good about a more dangerous job.

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Is Juan a dynamic or static character in the censors?

Why could Juan be described as a “dynamic” character? He never changes throughout the story. His view on censorship changes throughout the story. He was brave when he wrote a letter to Mariana.