What Is Article 137 Of Limitation Act?

Article 137 is a residual provision, and provides for a limitation period for any application for which no period of limitation is provided in any of the Articles in the Schedule to the Limitation Act. It provides for a period of limitation of 3 years from the date when the right to apply accrues.

What is the Article 137?

Article 137 of the Constitution of India, 1950, provides that subject to provisions of any law and rules made under Article 145, the Supreme Court has the power to review any judgment pronounced or order made by it. … The word “Review” in legal parlance connotes a judicial re-examination of the case.

What is limitation under limitation Act?

The word limitation in its literal term means a restriction or the rule or circumstances which are limited. The law of limitation has been prescribed as the time limit which is given for different suits to the aggrieved person within which they can approach the court for redress or justice.

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What is limitation period for suit for immovable property?

Statutory limitation period for immovable property is 12 years.

What does limitation Act deal with?

An Act to consolidate and amend the law for the limitation of suits and other proceedings and for purposes connected therewith. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Fourteenth Year of the Republic of India as follows:— PART I PRELIMINARY 1.

What is the limitation period for civil cases?

Typically, the period of limitation for instituting civil suits is three years from the date on which the cause of action arose. There are exceptions: the limitation for a suit to recover possession of immovable property is 12 years, and the limitation for a claim founded on tort is ordinarily one year.

What is legal limitation?

What Is a Statute of Limitations? A statute of limitations is a law that sets the maximum amount of time that parties involved in a dispute have to initiate legal proceedings from the date of an alleged offense, whether civil or criminal.

What is the Article 139?

Article 139 empowers the Parliament to confer by law additional power on the Supreme Court to issue directions, orders or writs for purposes other than the enforcement of the fundamental rights something that was under the scheme of the Constitution reserved for the High Courts (Article 226).

What is Article 136?

136. Special leave to appeal by the Supreme Court. (1) Notwithstanding anything in this Chapter, the Supreme Court may, in its discretion, grant special leave to appeal from any judgment, decree, determination, sentence or order in any cause or matter passed or made by any court or tribunal in the territory of India.

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What is the Article 124?

Article 124 THE UNION JUDICIARY – Constitution Of India

(1) There shall be a Supreme Court of India consisting of a Chief Justice of India and, until Parliament by law prescribes a larger number, of not more than seven2 other Judges.

Does deed have a limitation period?

The Court further stated that Section 293 of the Indian Succession Act provides for a cooling-off period of expiration of 7 days from the day of the testator’s death before probate of a Will can be granted. There is no outer limit within which an executor has to take out an application for grant of probate.

What is Article 59 of limitation Act?

Article 59 of the Limitation Act applies specially when a relief is claimed on the ground of fraud or mistake. It only encompasses within its fold fraudulent transactions which are voidable transactions.

Can I claim my land after 50 years?

as per your enquiry I will give you advise that if a person know the all fact and the ownership of the other person and he never claim his right over the property and after 50 years he claims then he has no right to claim because it would be out of limitation period but if he doesn’t know about the ownership of the …

What is Article 112 of limitation Act?

Article 112 clearly provides the limitation in respect of a suit by Central Government or by State Government and not by any of its instrumentalities or agency, particularly a Corporation, even if established by the Central Government/State Government.

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What is Article 58 of limitation Act?

Article 58 of the Limitation Act provides for three years as the limitation period to initiate proceedings from the date of cause of action, whereas Article 65 of the Act prescribes for twelve years for a suit filed for possession of immovable property or any interest therein based on title.

What is Article 54 of limitation Act?

Article 54 of the Limitation Act, 1963 prescribes the limitation of three years, for suits for specific performance. The said Article reads as under…plea is proved in the trial, then the first limb of Article 54 of Limitation Act will apply.