Is The Seaweed Still Bad In Cancun?

Will The Seaweed Ruin My Vacation To Cancun? For most people the answer is no. Many tourists on the beach went about their vacation like any other day. There are still beautiful areas of the water free from the floating seaweed that are great for swimming.

Does Mexico still have a seaweed problem?

The continued presence of sargassum seaweed (a.k.a sargasso, sargazo) on the beaches of Mexico continues to be a concern to many travelers.

Is the seaweed bad in Mexico?

The continued presence of sargassum seaweed (a.k.a sargasso, sargazo) on the beaches of Mexico continues to be a concern to many travelers.

Why is there a seaweed problem in Mexico?

Mexico’s Caribbean coast once provided half the country’s tourism revenues, and very little sargassum reached it prior to 2014. But a possible combination of climate change, pollution from fertilizers and ocean flows and currents carrying the algae mats to the Caribbean has caused the problem to explode.

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Why is seaweed so bad in Cancun?

The worst time for seaweed in Cancun, the Dominican Republic and much of the Caribbean is during the summer months. … The main problems are the erosion of its beaches and the influx of sargassum seaweed along the coast.

Is seaweed still a problem in Playa del Carmen?

From about early October 2019 to March 2020 the beaches were very clear of seaweed. We believe the hurricanes of 2020 changed currents and it helped the sargassum situation. Starting in May of 2021 the seaweed is coming back. It still does depend on the location of the beach and not all are 100% clear.

Which beach in Mexico has no seaweed?

Top beaches in Mexico without seaweed and worth considering for a beach vacation include Carrizalillo Beach (Puerto Escondido), Punta Mita, Mismaloya and Bucerias (near Puerto Vallarta) and Santa Cruz beach and San Agustin beach (Huatulco).

Is it safe to swim in sargassum?

In the water, Sargassum can be harmless to humans, but once it lands on the beach and starts decomposing, it begins to release hydrogen sulfide gas, or H2S. … He further cautions to avoid swimming in Sargassum infested waters as it can lead to skin irritation.

Are Cancun beaches swimmable?

Cancun offers a few “Blue Flag” rated beaches. These are safe beaches for swimming. They also offer disabled friendly access to the water.

Are the beaches in Playa del Carmen full of seaweed?

Beaches in Playa Del Carmen that normally get less seaweed. For the past few years the Riviera Maya and Playa Del Carmen, as well as many parts of the Caribbean, have been getting unusually high amounts of sargassum or seaweed (as many people refer to it).

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Is there a lot of seaweed in Riviera Maya?

Don’t be. While it is true that sargassum washed up on some of Mexico’s most well-known beaches in 2019, there are still lots of beautiful places to swim in the Riviera Maya and across the country. Sargassum, a type of seaweed that floats on the surface of the ocean, is a normal part of the ocean ecosystem.

Why does Playa del Carmen smell?

Workers remove sargassum seaweed from the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. … When sargassum dies, it leaves a terrible egg-like smell. And, as the dead seaweed drops to the ocean floor, it can kill the coral the Caribbean is known for.

Are the beaches in Cancun still full of seaweed?

The ships including 4 ocean sweepers are currently operating in the ocean waters surrounding Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum. … As of May 31, 2021 over 10 thousand tons of seaweed have been removed from the ocean and beaches in 7 municipalities around Quintana Roo.

Is it safe in Puerto Morelos Mexico?

Puerto Morelos is no exception–it’s very safe. You’ll feel comfortable walking its streets at any time of day or night. Be aware, the risk of petty theft does exist here, as it does nearly everywhere. Travelers should be watchful, do not to leave their valuables unattended without fear of them getting snatched.

Is Puerto Morelos worth visiting?

Puerto Morelos is definitely dream-worthy. It’s quaint, with only about 9,000 people living there. Plus there’s no stop lights, no big chain restaurants or night clubs full of 20-something tourists. It’s what I envisioned a small town in Mexico would be and honestly a great spot for a getaway.

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Why is there so much seaweed in Playa del Carmen Mexico?

Atypical quantities of seaweed called sargassum have arrived on the different beaches of the state of Quintana Roo. One of the causes of this phenomenon has been proposed that it is originated by the detachment of aggregations of this species in the “Sargasso Sea”, which is a region of the northern Atlantic Ocean.