Is Gwen Stefani On The Voice 2021?

Gwen Stefani will not be returning to “The Voice” as a coach in 2021. Ariana Grande will be the fourth coach alongside John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton.

Did Gwen Stefani quit The Voice 2020?

The Voice’s reigning winning coach is stepping away from the show. Just a few weeks before Carter Rubin took home the win for Gwen Stefani’s team, it was announced that Gwen wouldn’t be returning as a coach for season 20 of The Voice.

Why did Gwen leave the Voice 2020?

Why did Gwen Stefani leave The Voice? … Gwen is also reportedly taking time off to focus on her music, just as fellow coaches have done in the past. It is not unusual for the fourth coach to rotate seasons every few years, with Gwen Stefani being a coach for seasons 7, 9, 12, 17, and 19.


Why did Alicia leave The Voice?

Alicia Keys

Reason for exit: Keys left the show to focus on recording her own music, explaining to Entertainment Tonight in 2018 that it was “time” for a new album.

What is Gwen Stefani doing?

During the band’s hiatus in the 2000s, Gwen started a solo career as a pop artist, resulting in the album Love. Angel. … Gwen is now engaged to American TV star Blake Shelton, whom she met whilst judging The Voice in 2014. The couple revealed their engagement in October 2020.

Did Alicia Keys retire?

Alicia Keys
Occupation Singer songwriter pianist actress philanthropist author activist
Years active 1996–present
Organization Keep a Child Alive
Spouse(s) Swizz Beatz ​ ( m. 2010)​

Who replaced Alicia on The Voice?

The Voice
Winning coach Kelly Clarkson
Runner-up Britton Buchanan
Original network NBC

Is Alicia Keys still a judge on The Voice?

As a former judge on “The Voice,” Alicia Keys is used to assessing aspiring musicians’ talent. …

Is Alicia Keys still married?

Alicia Keys is married to Swizz Beatz, and they have two children. Alicia and the popular music producer, Kasseem Dean (whose stage name is Swizz Beatz) have been married since 2010. … “What is so amazing is, both my husband and I, we started music so young.

What is Alicia Keys real name?

Alicia Keys, original name Alicia Augello Cook, (born January 25, 1981, New York, New York, U.S.), American singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress, who achieved enormous success in the early 2000s with her blend of R&B and soul music.

How old is John Mayer?

John Mayer, in full John Clayton Mayer, (born October 16, 1977, Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.), American singer, songwriter, and guitarist whose melodic, often soft rock earned him a wide audience and a number of Grammy Awards in the early 21st century.

Did Miley Cyrus win The Voice?

The Voice
Hosted by Carson Daly
Coaches Adam Levine Miley Cyrus Jennifer Hudson Blake Shelton
No. of contestants 48 artists
Winner Chloe Kohanski

Did Gwen Stefani ever win The Voice?

Gwen Stefani has finally won. Carter Rubin was crowned the Season 19 champ of “The Voice” during Tuesday’s finale, handing Stefani her first win in her fifth season as a coach.

How long was Miley Cyrus on The Voice?

When Miley Cyrus joined The Voice as a coach, many were surprised to see her cultivating a different image than in years past. Though she only stayed on for two seasons, she made an impact on the life of at least one memorable contestant. Is that person why Miley Cyrus left The Voice, or was it something else?

When did Adam Levine leave The Voice?

Adam Levine is returning to The Voice season 20 finale after four seasons away. The Maroon 5 singer left The Voice after season 16 concluded.

Who was Alicia Keys dating?

Who Is Swizz Beatz? – Meet Alicia Keys’ Husband and Hip-Hop Producer.

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