How Tall Should A Side Table Be Next To A Sofa?

Here’s the rule: your end table should be within two inches of your sofa’s arm height. If your couch’s arm stands at just 18 inches, then, you’ll want a shorter end table (between 16-20 inches). Accordingly, taller couches require taller end tables.

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Can a side table be higher than the sofa?

Yes, an end table can be higher than a couch. … There are various possible scenarios if end tables are taller than two inches above the arms or shorter than two inches below the armrest on your couch.

What is standard side table height?

Average Table Height Range Standard Table Height (inches)
Standard side table height 22–30 inches 25 inches
Standard console table height 24–42 inches 30 inches
Standard nightstand height 24–28 inches 25 inches
Standard office desk height 28–30 inches 29 inches

Can a side table be higher than the chair?

Height of a Side Table. An end table should be no taller than the height of the arm of the chair(s) they‘re serving, and no lower than the height of the seat. … For chairs without arms, aim for a table top that’s no more than 8 inches above the seat height.


Where do side tables go in living room?

Ideally, a side table should be equal to or just below the arm of the seat it’s next to. Not only does it create a nice visual flow in the room, the table is within easy reach for setting a drink down or turning on a lamp. Standard sofa arm heights can range between 24 and 32 inches, so get out your measuring tape.

What is the difference between a side table and an end table?

The main difference between end table and side table is that side tables typically have a larger surface area than end tables. A side table is a small table we usually place at the side of a room, or against a wall while an end table is a small table we place next to a chair or at the end of a sofa.

How do you know if a couch is too big for a room?

  1. It takes up the full length of the wall it is placed on.
  2. It crowds the surrounding furniture.
  3. It does not leave enough space to properly distance the television.
  4. Makes it difficult to get in and out of the sofa or use it comfortably.

How tall should a side table lamp be?

The table lamp should be tall enough for the bottom of the lampshade to come to the eye level of the person seated beside it. This will provide the best light without glare from the bulb. Bedside lamps should be in proportion to the bedside table and typically 19 to 21 inches from the top of the mattress.

How much space should be between sofa and coffee table?

Leave about 16 inches between a coffee table and a couch, to allow plenty of leg room. Choose a table that’s within about four inches of the sofa’s height. Select end tables that are about the same height as the arm of the couches or chairs they will be placed next to.

Should a sofa table be as long as the sofa?

Typically, the size of a sofa table should be about a foot shorter than the entire length of the couch. Whatever your choice, make sure there will be enough room to comfortably walk around the table. Anyone that has ever taken a sharp corner to the hip bone does not want to do it twice.

What is a side table?

What is a Side Table? Just as its name suggests, a side table is placed beside a piece of furniture a person would sit on, such as a couch or a bed. Its main purpose is to ensure that essential items are within easy reach.

How tall are couch end tables?

“End tables for living rooms are usually 25 to 30 inches tall, but the arm height of most sofas is 25 inches, which means most end tables are taller than the sofa arm,” he said.

Is 32 inches too high for a dining table?

The standard dining room table height is 28 to 32 inches tall. This height generally feels a bit more formal, so it’s perfect for spaces you’re trying to give that sophisticated, grown up feel.

How far should end tables be from couch?

End tables should be within two inches of a sofa’s arm height. For example, if the sofa’s arm is 22″ tall, a proper end table can be anywhere from 20″ – 24″ tall.

How do you use side tables?

  1. Turn a side table into a bookshelf. …
  2. Use side tables to create balance. …
  3. Create order in a home office. …
  4. Improve lighting with reflective surfaces. …
  5. Add a functional surface with a bathroom side table. …
  6. Draw attention to a floral display. …
  7. Use a compact side table as a TV stand.

What do you put at the end of a couch?

End tables are placed at the end of sofas or next to chairs, and end tables can really complete the look of a living room, but in a time where minimalism is in, you may be wondering if you need them at all.

Can I use a side table as a nightstand?

An end table may make a perfectly good nightstand if it fits into your bedroom decor, while a piece marketed as a nightstand may look great in the living room with no one the wiser.

Is it OK to put a sofa in front of a window?

In Front of a Window

Although you never want to block a window, a sofa placed in front of one can look great as long as the back of the sofa is relatively low. Just be sure to leave a gap of about 10 to 12 inches to give the piece some breathing room and to allow for window treatments.

Can you use a bedside table as an end table?

That’s where you’ll find nightstands—and really a whole new world of living room side and end table possibilities. … They’re similar to accent tables in shape and size, so this is an easy swap to make, even if you want to use pieces you already have on hand.

What is the difference between a side table and a coffee table?

There is a difference between end tables and coffee tables. Coffee tables are larger and lower than end tables. An end table sits at either end of the couch, at about the same height as the couch arms. A coffee table sits in front of the couch, at the same height as the couch seat.

How much space should a couch take up?

The sofa should be about two thirds the size of the entire room. If you decide to add in a coffee table too, that should then be two thirds the size of the sofa (if no chaise) or one third to half the size of the sofa if it has a chaise.

How much space should be between couches?

There should be a minimum of 3 feet of space between couch and wall, as well as other pieces of furniture and doorways to allow family or guests to walk through, says Decor Interiors.

How tall should a living room table lamp be?

Height – Most living room sizes can have table lamps that are 26 to 34 inches tall. When sitting, to get the best use of your table lamp and its light source; the bottom of the shade should be right at eye level as well.

Do you need matching bedside tables?

And, while many people opt for matching nightstands, that’s not absolutely necessary. That’s the traditional approach, yes—but as with all design traditions, rules are meant to be broken! So you can definitely have two nightstands of differing sizes, shapes, finishes and even heights.

Can you put a floor lamp behind a side table?

The answer is Yes you can. The main thing, when placing an end table with a lamp on it on one side of the sofa, and a floor lamp on the other side, is to make sure the top edges of both kinds of light fixtures shades line up with each other.

How tall should sofa legs be?

A general rule is that the deeper the seat depth, the lower the seat height needs to be and vice versa. Seat heights on modern comfortable couches can vary, but a standard range is typically between 15″ and 20″ from the floor to the top of the cushion, with an average range falling between 17″ to 18″.

Should coffee table be lower than couch?

“I prefer the table to be approximately two inches lower than the seat height on your sofa. Keep approximately 16 inches from the edge of the table to the sofa and at least 28 to 30 inches to the TV cabinet or furniture opposite the sofa. A table should be two-thirds the length of your sofa for correct proportion.”

Is a 31 inch table too high?

While the typical dining table is close to 30 inches, 31 inches may be a good height for you. For shorter people, this table may feel a bit high, but many people will have no trouble at all with a table this high. A taller person may even prefer this extra bit of room.

What is the best height for a table?

Dining chairs need to sit comfortably under your dining table with enough room left over for your legs, napkin, formal or informal attire (and any crumbs that go astray). Most dining tables come standard at 30 inches tall. That means your seat height needs to be somewhere in the range of 17-19 inches.

What is the point of a sofa table?

Sofa tables are designed to be placed behind your sofa. Using a sofa table will help ground the sofa and make it look more intentional and finished, especially if your sofa is placed in the center of the room and not against a wall. Decorate it with tall items like table lamps or flowers to add some height.

Where should end tables be placed?

The most obvious place to put an end table is on either side of your sofa. Placing these tables in this position means that you will have everything you need at an arm’s length.

Are counter height tables good?

Counter height tables are an ideal dining furniture choice for a variety of spaces and practical uses. They can create more counter space in your kitchen or a buffet area in the dining room and beyond. They’re also ideal for small spaces because of their multifunctional uses.

How tall is a sofa?

The average sofa height measures 17 to 18″ from the floor to the top of the cushion. When thinking about this measurement, also consider how much you’ll sink into the couch once you sit. Additionally, a great rule to keep in mind is that the deeper the seat depth, the lower the seat height needs to be.

How do I make my end tables higher?

You can add lifts, feet, or extensions to your table legs to make the table taller. Wooden extensions can be added to your wood table to add height to the legs. Alternatively, you can replace your table legs entirely to make sure you get the height that you want.

What are the dimensions of a side table?

TABLES Height Width
Dining, Side 19 19
Dining, Arm 24 18
Easy 25 26
Kitchen 19 19