How Much Is Surfline Premium?

How much does Surfline Premium cost? Subscription to Surfline Premium costs $95 annually or $7.99 a month.

Is Surfline free?

Check the surf from new live HD surf cams at over 400 locations. Try it out for free!

What is the best surf report app?

Surfline is the most trusted name in surf forecasting, and has been helping surfers score waves since 1985. Surfline gives you access to the best real-time surf reports, long-range swell analysis, and weather forecasts for your favorite surf spots.


Do you need Surfline premium for Surfline sessions?

If you want Surfline camera videos sent directly to your phone, you will need a Premium Membership. The good news? You can sign-up for a free, 15-day trial. Once you have the app, you’ll need to pair it with your Apple watch.

How do I cancel my Surfline Premium?

  1. Go to the Surfline homepage.
  2. Make sure you are logged in. …
  3. Click: Subscriptions at the top of the page.
  5. On the next page, click: CONTINUE TO CANCEL.
  6. On the next page, fill out survey, and click CONTINUE:

How do I delete my Surfline account?

To delete your account, either submit a request or email into customer support at [email protected] from the email address registered with your Surfline account. We will be able process your request within 7 business days.

How long is Surfline free trial?

You can sign up for Surfline Premium through our website, iOS or Android app. See below for more details. 1) Click here to start your 15-day free trial of Premium. Enjoy Premium benefits for free for two weeks.

How many subscribers does Surfline have?

Surfline now has more than 40,000 subscribers, a figure he says is growing daily.

How do you pay for Surfline?

Thus, by dialing *395# or*389# or *711# (to purchase bundle through Mobile Money account on all networks), by dialing *718*77# to recharge and purchase bundle by use of recharge cards which are available at all Surfline recharge outlets and shops and by visiting or ExpressPay or Korbaweb or SlydePay (to …

How much is the Surfline app?

COST: free access with limited features, or Surfline premium membership is $7.99 monthly or $95.88 annually.

What does Lotus mean on Surfline?

A spot showing LOTUS has a forecast generated by the model data alone. Where you see text such as “fair to good” these spots have had a human generated forecast, as well as input from the model data.

What app do surfers use?

The Surfline app (iOS, Android) allows you to consult the surf forecasts and reports for thousands of breaks across the world. Check the waves in real-time with the surf cams installed on hundreds of worldwide beaches.

Can you rewind Surfline?

In the bottom left corner of the webcam window is a button that says “Camera Rewind.” Click it. This will take you to a page where you’ll be able to select the date and time you want to rewind back to. From there it’s up to you to find your waves.

What watches work with Surfline sessions?

You will also need to wear a Surfline-compatible device —Apple Watch, Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch or Garmin Watch— while you surf to track your sessions. Apple Watch: The Apple Watch, Series 3 or greater, is compatible with the Sessions app.

How many cameras does Surfline have?

Relive Your

Paddle out in view of any of Surfline’s 500+ cameras and you’ll receive individual clips of all your rides by the time you get out of your wetsuit.

How do you call Surfline?

You can visit our website at; or. Contact our Call Center Team on 030 274 5777; or. Visit our Surfline shops at Osu, East Legon, Spintex, Tema, Accra Mall, Achimota Mall and Dansoman; or. Connect with us on Facebook: SurflineLTE; Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram: SurflineGH.

Who is the CEO of Surfline?

Kyle Laughlin – Chief Executive Officer – SurflineWavetrak, Inc.

Do Surfline bundles expire?

To enjoy the service, All-Weather bundle customers will have to top up to be able to roll over their unused data. With as low as GHc10, customers on Surfline will be able to activate an All-Weather bundle that does not expire.

Who bought Surfline?

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Dec. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SurflineWavetrak Inc., the company behind surf forecasting powerhouse Surfline, announced today an investment of $30 million by TCG. The company also announced the appointment of Kyle Laughlin as CEO.

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