How Much Does It Cost To Go To Daytona Bike Week?

How Much Does Daytona Bike Week Cost? There are multiple ticketing packages to choose from and typically range between $100 – $200 depending on the number of days attended. If you just want to attend the Daytona 200, tickets cost $40 for general admission and $50 for reserved.

Where is the Best bike week in Daytona?

Daytona Bike Week takes up the whole city and its surrounding areas. You can ride “The Loop” in Ormond Beach or see the latest models at a bike show on the Boardwalk, but Daytona Beach is the hub of the event. Nearby New Smyrna Beach is a great beach town with amazing condo rentals if Daytona hotels fill up fast.

What happens at bike week in Daytona?

It’s a portable, 10-day street party of motorcycles of all kinds, eye-popping costumes, bikini-clad women, sidewalk vendors, parades, Clydesdales, beards, tattoos and alcohol. Bikers and locals alike go to nonstop concerts and bike shows, go on long rides or just stay on Main Street for days watching it all go by.

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Which is bigger Sturgis or Daytona?

Daytona Bike Week traces its roots back to 1937, which technically makes it slightly older than Sturgis. Estimates also put attendance around 500,000. So as to which event is bigger, that’s an argument for late night bar sessions.

How long does Bike Week last in Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach Bike Week is a 10-day event that was established 80 years decades ago. Visit for more information about events, vendors, parking and more.

Do Hells Angels go to Daytona Bike Week?

Motorcycle Protective Clothing
Protect your Head With a Cool Half Helmet
Skullcap – the Protection With Style
Gas Moped Scooter – Not Just For Fun

Is Daytona Bike Week kid friendly?

Bike Week is not billed as a kid-friendly event, but kids should be fine on the Daytona Beach boardwalk and pier. Daytona Beach’s Main Street is the epicenter for Bike Week parties, and things can get a little rowdy at night. Still, plenty of people make Bike Week a family vacation.

Is there a black bike week in Daytona?

Black Bike Week: Daytona Beach, Florida

Historically, Black Bike Week is a huge event in the African-American community of Daytona Beach and surrounding areas. Black Bike Week reaches its peak during the final weekend of Bike Week.

What street is Daytona Bike Week held on?

Bike Week 2022 in Daytona

Thousands of bike enthusiasts ride into the city to enjoy the street-wide parties, live music, bike gear vendors, and more. The event is located at Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce at 126 East Orange Ave.

Are they having Biketoberfest in Daytona this year?

Biketoberfest 2022 – October 13-16, 2022

The event, which attract more than 100,000 motorcycle enthusiasts, coincides with the Daytona 200 motorcycle race at the Daytona International Speedway. Visit the event’s official website for more information.

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Can you ride a motorcycle on the beach in Daytona?

Daytona Beach and New Smyrna Beach permit motorcycles to cruise designated sections of beach. Speed limit is 10 mph. New Smyrna Beach – Enter from 27th Avenue or Flagler Avenue. You can ride from 27th Avenue north 6 miles to the Ponce Inlet, where the surfers congregate and fishermen line the jetty.

How safe is Daytona Beach Florida?

Is Daytona Beach Safe To Visit? Statistically speaking, Daytona Beach is a slightly unsafe place to visit. Violent crimes are 2.5x higher than the national average. Property crimes are 1.5x higher than the national average.

What year is Daytona Bike Week?

History | DaytonaBikeWeek. This year, March 4, 2022, kicks off Daytona Beach Bike Week’s 81st year.

Is Sturgis kid friendly?

Sturgis SD is a popular destination for road trippers and families — and for good reason! South Dakota’s iconic Black Hills, historic towns and iconic parks and attractions are the perfect destination for a family vacation.

Why is it called Black Bike Week?

Black Bike Week History. Black Bike Week was founded by the infamous Flaming Knight Riders motorcycle club in 1980 — before the fall of their icon Leroy Bolden aka King Dragon — who changed their name in 1982 to the Carolina Knight Riders.

Is Black Bike Week 2021 Cancelled?

Unfortunately the City of Atlantic Beach did not allow Black Bike Week to happen in 2021. Here is a link to the announcement

Where is the biggest bike week?

The Travel Channel called Sturgis “the biggest bike rally in the world,” one that draws crowds of 750,000 to South Dakota every August.

What is Daytona Biketoberfest?

Biketoberfest® is a collection of activities that take place at venues and businesses in cities throughout Volusia County and beyond. Our local hotels, businesses, parks and beaches are open for visitors to enjoy the area’s beautiful October weather and scenic rides.

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What are the dates for Daytona Bike Week 2023?

Daytona Beach Bike Week – March 3-12, 2023

Bike Week is a 10-day motorcycle rally. Motorcycle enthusiasts are invited to enjoy our Spring weather, wide open beaches and parks, outdoor dining, and scenic rides throughout the Daytona Beach area and Volusia County.

What biker clubs are in Florida?

The four main biker gangs aiming for dominance in South Florida are the Outlaws, Hells Angels, the Pagans and the Pistons.

What Motorcycle Club runs Daytona?

Abbreviation 23, WMC, Warlocks Nation
Type Outlaw motorcycle club
Region United States, Canada, Germany, UK (48 chapters total)
Membership 250 – 500+

Who are the Warlocks MC rivals?

Rivals of The Warlocks are Iron Order MC, Renegades MC, and Highwaymen MC. The Warlocks are mostly an East Coast group with some international chapters in Canada, Germany, and England.

What do you wear to a motorcycle rally?

Step 2: Wear the right clothes Wear a T-shirt under a leather jacket, and wear battered old bluejeans. Leather riding boots are a must. Ladies, less is more — super-short cut-offs and a bikini top will be fine. TIP: You can also tie a bandanna over your head.

Where is Bike Week in Florida?

Motorcycle enthusiasts are invited to enjoy spring riding in Daytona Beach for this 10-day rally – along historic Main Street to Midtown, Scenic A1A Highway and through the best of old Florida, the Ormond Beach Scenic Loop.

What are the dates for Myrtle Beach Bike Week?

The 2022 Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally will be held May 13-22, 2022 at various locations throughout the Grand Strand Area. For more information, please visit