How Much Does A Sales Rep For Spectrum Brands Make?

The average Spectrum Sales Rep earns $34,000 annually. This total compensation is $76,518 less than the US average for a Sales Rep.

Is Spectrum Brands a good company to work for?

Is Spectrum Brands a good company to work for? Spectrum Brands has an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5, based on over 609 reviews left anonymously by employees. 67% of employees would recommend working at Spectrum Brands to a friend and 55% have a positive outlook for the business.

What does a direct sales rep do at Spectrum?

Direct Sales Representative is responsible for selling cable, internet and digital phone door to door in residential areas. You would be joining Charter at a very exciting time.

How much do the top sales reps make?

The highest-paying sales job in the US pays as much as $185,000 a year—here are the other 6.

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What does Spectrum Brands make?

Building on our long legacy of products from trusted brands such as Kwikset ®, Baldwin®, FURminator®, DreamBone®, Russell Hobbs®, National Hardware®, Pfister®, Tetra®, GloFish®, Remington®, Cutter®, and Spectracide®, we deliver high-quality, reliable products.

What kind of company is Spectrum Brands?

Description. Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc is a consumer product company. The company is a supplier of consumer batteries, residential locksets, residential builders’ hardware, plumbing, shaving and grooming products, and personal care products.

Is it hard to sell spectrum?

difficult depending on the areas that you work. The commission is decent if you sell a lot but the base pay is very low.

What are the 5 expected sales behaviors presented spectrum?

  • Always be closing. …
  • Ask about next steps. …
  • Expect something in return. …
  • Add value. …
  • Stay positive.

Does spectrum do door to door sales?

Spectrum does have door-to-door sales representatives. Each representative has a photo ID as well as a tablet that’s used to present information to customers. If you’re an existing Spectrum customer, the sales representative will have your account number. If you order more services, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Do sales reps make a lot of money?

Selling their products can make you a small fortune as well. On average, sales representatives for wholesalers and manufacturers of technical and scientific products make $84,360 in base salary and commission, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics survey that reflects salary data from May 2010.

What sales jobs pay the most?

  • Pharmaceutical sales representative. …
  • Direct sales representative. …
  • Business development representative. …
  • Sales engineer. …
  • Sales professional. …
  • Sales manager. …
  • Real estate agent. National average salary: $107,989 per year. …
  • Vice president of sales. National average salary: $110,945 per year.
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Can you get rich in sales?

Yes, it is possible to become a millionaire or a multi-millionaire as a salesperson. I’ve worked with some salespeople who regularly make more than $1 million a year from sales and at least three of my clients have made more than $10 million in one year from sales. That’s not how much they sold. That is their income.

What company owns Spectrum Brands?

Parent organizations

Is spectrum Chinese owned?

Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc. is an American diversified company. Headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin, it was established in 2005 as the successor company to Rayovac Corporation.

Does Energizer own Spectrum Brands?

The European Commission has approved under the EU Merger Regulation the acquisition of Spectrum Brands’ batteries and portable lighting business by Energizer, both active in the supply of consumer batteries.

Is spectrum a Fortune 500 company?

Type Public
Brands Spectrum
Revenue US$48.097 Billion (Fiscal Year Ended 31 December 2020)
Operating income US$8.405 Billion (2020)
Net income US$3.222 Billion (2020)

Does Spectrum own Remington?

The Remington brand, owned by the publicly quoted US$3Bn Spectrum Brands Holdings, Inc., is a market leader in its sector of electrical men’s & women’s grooming and styling products, and trades with all major US retailers as well as commanding a powerful international presence.

Does Spectrum own Black and Decker?

Spectrum Brands Holdings Completes Acquisition of Stanley Black & Decker’s Hardware & Home Improvement Group. MADISON, Wis. –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Dec.

What is spectrum customer service phone number?

(888) 369-2408

How do you know if you are a good salesperson?

  1. Empathy. A good salesperson knows how to feel what their customers feel. …
  2. Confidence. Believing in the product or service they are selling is essential. …
  3. Honesty. The folks that are best at selling stuff are also honest. …
  4. Persistence. …
  5. Understanding of Value. …
  6. Patience.
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What personality is best for sales?

According to Paul Tieger, co-author of Do What You Are, the best Myers-Briggs personality combination for those looking to enter the sales industry is E-S-F-J.

What does B to B sales mean?

Business-to-business (B2B), also called B-to-B, is a form of transaction between businesses, such as one involving a manufacturer and wholesaler, or a wholesaler and a retailer. Business-to-business refers to business that is conducted between companies, rather than between a company and individual consumer.