How Much Does A Brompton Folding Bike Cost?

In the US, the Brompton Electric is available to buy from select dealers starting this week. It’s priced at $3,499 for the two-speed model or $3,649 for the six speed, and available in black and white, exactly as you’d expect.

Why is Brompton B75 cheap?

So what is the new B75? It is the latest special edition made by Brompton and it has been made to a price to make the bicycle more accessible. It also comes with a finance package to spread the cost out further. To keep the cost down, it uses older parts, comes in one colour, and has no default options like mudguards.

How long can a Brompton last?

How long do Brompton bikes last? The Brompton warranty is good for 7 years, but with proper maintenance, a Brompton will last multiple decades. It’s not uncommon to see ones from the early 2000s that are still in daily use! Like any bicycle, some of its parts will wear out over time.

Is Brompton overrated?

Bromptons are ridiculously overpriced for spec. Come with kit barely better than on a Halfords special, yet cost almost seven hundred pounds new for the cheapest. Which is twice as much as they cost just five or six years ago (seems they’ve become ‘trendy’). You can get a decent ‘proper’ bike for that.

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How heavy is a Brompton folding bike?

Depending on the model of the bike and its configuration, the weight of the Brompton can range from 9.9kg to 13kg for a C Line model and 14.4kg to 15.6kg, plus the 2.9kg battery, for a C Line Electric.

Are bromptons any good?

Brompton bikes have an excellent build and ride quality, and they’re an excellent size for any rider. Their compact, folding design makes them ideal for commuters. You’ll have a bike that can take you anywhere, but you can quickly fold it up, bring it on public transport, or carry it around if needed.

What is the cheapest Brompton?

The cheapest Brompton folding bike currently available is the entry-level Brompton B75, which has a RRP of £850. The Brompton B75 is the only Brompton bike under £1000, with mid-range Bromptons typically costing around £1500, while their premium models cost in excess of £2000.

What is the difference between B75 and normal Brompton?

In terms of riding, the main difference between a B75 and a standard Brompton is the combination of the Sturmey Archer Standard Ratio hub gears and the smaller than standard 44 tooth front chainwheel, making it a particularly good pick for those who want a budget Brompton with good hill climbing ability.

What is the difference between Brompton and B75?

It has the same handle height as the newer version but it is more curve and has higher rise. As the result, the stem on the B75 is shorter than the one on a standard M-type bike. Therefore, you can expect the handlebar of the B75 a little less stable.

Are Bromptons good for long distance?

There’s many great features that the Brompton offers for those that prefer to travel great distances across land or water. You can transport your Brompton cheaply and stress free with the Brompton Padded Travel Bag. This protective bag has reinforced side panels to keep your personal belongings safe during transit.

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Why is Brompton so special?

The frame is the foundation of every bike. For over 40 years, we’ve hand-built, and quality assured ours in our London Factory. Using over 1200 parts in the final assembly, each designed, engineered, and sourced by us. This is how we achieve the unique ‘fold and ride’ characteristics across every bike.

Why are Bromptons so fast?

Speed. The Brompton bicycle won’t win any road races, but it isn’t the slowest bike on the road either. Small tires have the advantage of making it effortless to get going from a complete stop. This is due to smaller wheels having a lower moment of inertia, which makes accelerating quick and easy.

Is Brompton made in China?

The bikes have always been manufactured in London. In the early 1990s Brompton licensed its designs to Euro-Tai of Taiwan, and a joint venture company – Neobike – was formed to manufacture the bikes and distribute them in Asia.

How can you tell if a Brompton is real?

Each Brompton leaves the factory with two numbers that uniquely identify your bicycle. These are the serial number and frame number. For all our bicycles manufactured since 2022, only the serial number appears on the identification plate.

Is Brompton 3 Speed enough?

It’s remained in production as it’s robust, durable, and requires next to no maintenance. A three speed will have enough gear range for most riders to enjoy flat to slightly hilly rides over a short to moderate distance.

Can you roll Brompton without rack?

Without either the rack or the rear fender, the bike has a slight tendency to tip when folded. It does not roll well on the two standard rollers attached to the frame. Best uses: If you want the most light-weight option, and don’t require the rolling function, this is the way to go.

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Why is Brompton Black Edition expensive?

The Brompton M6L Black Edition is more expensive than a majority of folding bikes on the market. It is not a perfect bike but it has its own characteristics and people love the amazing build quality. Another reason to buy a Brompton is that its resale value is much higher even when you’ve used it for years.

How do I choose a Brompton?

What is the waiting time for a Brompton?

Orders will be dispatched within 4-7 working days. Once your order leaves the factory, you will be notified via email and provided with the tracking number. Exceptions: P Line bikes, approximately 4 – 7 weeks.

What products do Brompton sell?

Folding Bikes, Fold Up City Bicycles, Mens & Ladies Folding Road Bikes | Brompton Bikes.

Why are all Brompton bikes out of stock?

“It’s the Christmas rush, coronavirus, which is still causing supply chain disruption, and now customs – or the uncertainty around it, with businesses taking the decision to move goods in and out of the UK in case there is a no-deal Brexit,” he explained.

Is B75 discontinued?

B75 Discontinued. Brompton B75 has been discontinued and will no longer be stocked in the US. A B75 is everything you need to start your city riding experience. The robust steel frame found on all Brompton bikes, built up with a simple spec, ready to go, with all the benefits of the compact Brompton fold.

What does l mean in Brompton?

L = fitted with mudguards. R = fitted with mudguards and rear rack.

What is C line Brompton?

The C Line is Brompton’s classic all-steel folding bike designed for city riding. With hand-brazed steel frame and forks, the C Line is available in Urban, Utility and Explore versions to meet different rider needs: C Line Urban – A minimalist, straightforward and lighter option for riders.