How Jobs Work In Octopath Traveler?

Character Starting Job
Therion Thief
H’aanit Hunter

How many jobs can you have in Octopath Traveler?

There are 8 starting jobs and 4 advanced jobs for a total of 12 available jobs. Each Traveler has a job associated with their character which cannot be changed. By finding hidden shrines across Orsterra and examining the altars within, Travelers unlock the ability to equip a secondary job.

Can you change secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler?

Simply head into the shrine and interact with the artifact to unlock the secondary class. After that, bring up your main menu and you’ll see that the Job category has finally been unlocked. Select that, choose a character currently in your party, and equip them with the secondary class you just unlocked.

How do I get a job in Octopath Traveler?

Each of the secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler is unlocked by finding its related shrine, and twelve total shrines are spread all over the in-game map. While the core eight jobs can be unlocked simply by locating the shrine, the advanced four jobs will require players to conquer tough late-game boss battles.

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How do second jobs work in Octopath?

You can gain a secondary job by going to a Shrine.

This changes the characters appearance, and lets them start to learn the Skills and Support Skills from their secondary job. The characters do not inherit the Path Actions or Talents of their secondary job, those are tied to the characters themselves.

How long is Octopath Traveler?

When focusing on the main objectives, Octopath Traveler is about 60½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 103 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do I get an advanced class Octopath?

To acquire these secret jobs in Octopath Traveler, players must traverse through a dungeon and battle a boss. The game recommends that a character is at Level 50 before attempting; you may want to attempt it at a slightly higher or lower level, depending on your playstyle and comfort with the combat system.

How do I get divine skill Octopath?

Divine skills are powerful skills that bear the name of one of the gods of Orsterra’s pantheon. Each job has only one divine skill that can only be acquired once a traveler has mastered the other skills of the corresponding job class.

Will there be an Octopath Traveler 2?

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent is scheduled to release in 2022 for Android and iOS.

Where does Octopath traveler occur?

All characters have different classes, and the character design, as well as the field commands, are based on different occupations in Medieval Europe.

How do you find job shrines Octopath?

Interacting with the shrine will unlock the job. It is found in East Victors Hollow Trail and is looked over by Draefendi, the Huntress. You can find it by traveling North and then East through a narrow path all the way East away from Victors Hollow.

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How do you unlock Sorcerer Octopath?

Sorcerer is a secret Job in Octopath Traveller. In order to gain access to it as a secondary job, you will need to complete the encounter in The Shrine of the Sorcerer. Increase damage dealt when striking a foe’s weak point. Elemental attacks consume double SP, but also deal additional damage.

What does bewildering grace do?

Two of the effects of Bewildering Grace are that it can silence your party for several turns, or it can poison your party and cause large amounts of damage. The poison is manageable, usually, but the silence really slows you down.

Where is the Runelord Octopath?

Shrine of the Runeblade (Runelord)

The Shrine of the Runelord is located in the Highlands, in the same region you located the Shrine of the Thunderblade on the West Everhold Pass. When you’re at this area’s signpost, proceed to the right and follow the path.

How do you get the golden AXE in Octopath Traveler?

Do you have to play Octopath Traveler 8 times?

No, You Don’t Need to Play It Eight Times

In fact, after picking the character you start off with, you’re encouraged to go seek out the other seven heroes. Once you encounter them, you are able to play through the beginning of their story. From there, you can then travel to the next locations for each specific story.

How long does it take to 100% Octopath Traveler?

When focusing on the main objectives, Octopath Traveler is about 60½ Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 103 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

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Is Octopath Traveler a hard game?

Many of the fights feel very straightforward. I wouldn’t necessarily expect the game to be extremely difficult all the time, but minus huge level jumps from chapter to chapter, the actual difficulty of the fights themselves just feel very lacking.

Who is the best sorcerer Octopath?

Tressa is the preferred sorcerer because of her access to the, “Tradewinds spear and the Primevial Bow of Storms”. These weapons both provide a 30% boost to wind damage each, with a total increase of 60%. Runelord – Cyrus has a advantage in being a runelord with the runelord class granting the, “Axe” weapon.

Who is the best character in Octopath Traveler?

  1. Alfyn Greengrass.
  2. Cyrus Albright. …
  3. Primrose Azelhart. …
  4. Ophilia Clement. …
  5. Therion. …
  6. Olberic Eisenberg. …
  7. Tressa Colzione. …
  8. H’aanit. H’aanit is notorious for always keeping her cool, despite being raised by her impulsive master whom she often lectures for his behavior. …

Who is the best Starseer Octopath?

Late Game. Ophilia is probably the best candidate for the Starseer subclass, but honestly, you could just as easily keep her with Dancer or Scholar. I’d say make her a Starseer purely because you’re probably going to want to give it to someone and it sort of fulfills 80% of both the Scholar and Dancer rationales.

Does BP eater affect healing?

Does not affect healing (untested), or standard attacks.

How does Alephan’s enlightenment work?

Alephan’s Enlightenment buff onto a single ally for 3 turns. For the duration of the effect, all non-divine Elemental Attack Skills that target “all foes” will instead target a single enemy but deal double (×2) damage. Note: This does not apply to standard attacks, Physical Attack Skills or other Divine Skills.