How Does Mitch Feel About Blanche?

Once he discovers the truth about Blanche’s sordid sexual past, Mitch is both angry and embarrassed about the way Blanche has treated him. When he arrives to chastise her, he states that he feels he deserves to have sex with her, even though he no longer respects her enough to think her fit to be his wife.

How does Mitch respond to Blanche?

Mitch interrupts Blanche’s increasingly hysterical tirade against Stanley to ask her how old she is. Caught off guard, she responds by asking why he wants to know. He says that when he told his ailing mother about Blanche, who would like to see Mitch settled before she dies, he could not tell her how old Blanche was.

What is the relationship between Mitch and Blanche?

Mitch and Blanche are an example of a co-dependent relationship that is founded on mutual loneliness and the desire to be with someone —anyone—to distract themselves from previously suffered emotional damage. The only reason these two are together at all is out of mutual need.

What does Mitch represent to Blanche?

Mitch represents Blanche’s chance for happiness in a conventional life. He is kind, working-class, loving, and willing to give her the stability that…

How do Mitch’s feelings for Blanche evolve?

5. Mitch’s feelings about Blanche evolve from his initial meeting with her to the final scene in the film when she is taken away for medical treatment. At first Mitch is attracted to Blanche’s gentility, the fact that she recognizes the Browning sonnet on his silver cigarette case.

Why does Blanche want Mitch badly?

Blanche wants Mitch because he represents her last hope for a husband and someone to support her. She has lost her girlhood home, has no marketable skills, is becoming more and more mentally unbalanced. She had been a schoolteacher but was dismissed for having a relationship with a student.

Does Blanche lie about age?

blanche lies because she thinks mitch will look at her differently. blanche doesnt like the bright lights because it shows her true age making her feel vulnerable. this symbolizes blanche does not want to face the harsh truth about herself.

Why does Stanley slap Stella?

The men deal out yet another hand of poker. … Stella tries to make introductions, but the men barely look up. When Stella suggests that they stop playing for the night, Stanley slaps a hand on her thigh, and Stella, offended, goes into to the bedroom with Blanche.

Why does Stanley yell for Stella?

Stanley yells “Stella!” in scene three. It comes after he has just physically beat Stella, who escapes upstairs to Eunice’s apartment with…

Why does Mitch Ask Blanche about her age?

Why does Mitch want to know Blanche’s age? Because his mother asked him how old Blanche was & he wasn’t able to tell her, so he asks Blanche to find out.

Why does Blanche seem depressed at the beginning of this scene?

Why does Blanche seem depressed at the beginning of this scene? Answer: She started explaining her story of her first husband who died long ago.

Why does Stanley not kiss Stella in front of Blanche?

She tries to get it herself, but Stella insists on waiting on her, claiming that she likes to do so because it reminds her of their childhood. Blanche becomes hysterical and promises to leave soon, before Stanley throws her out. … She gives Blanche a kiss and then runs off to join Stanley at the bar.

What does Blanche mean by a girl alone in the world?

A girl alone in the world, has got to keep a firm hold on her emotions or she’ll be lost! Blanche speaks from experience for she is lost. It was like you suddenly turned a blinding light on something that had always been half in shadow / The searchlight which had been turned on the world was turned off again. /

What is Blanche’s little weakness?

What, according to Stella, is Blanche’s “little weakness”? Stella says that Blanche’s little weakness is her appearance. Stella says Blanche likes to be complimented about her appearance.

What is Blanche weakness?

The weakness that she never does admit, and may not be aware of, is her recklessness, which makes her risk her chance of security – in the episode with the young man in Scene Five and, again, when entertaining Mitch in Scene Six.