Can U Wear Shorts To Go Ape?

1 answer. Hi, thanks for your interest in Go Ape! We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting a little dirty (gym clothes are perfect, but keep in mind the harness will sit on your upper thighs and waist, so longer shorts are best) and closed toe shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots.
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What is the best thing to wear to Go Ape?

We recommend ankle-supporting boots, but sneakers are fine too. We do not allow participants to wear sandals, open-toed or slip-on shoes. Participants must wear gloves.

Can I wear jeans at Go Ape?

I’m just going to leave this here: Don’t wear your favourite shoes or jeans. Yes, it might look cool to start with.

Do you have to be fit to do Go Ape?

The Go Ape course is designed for all skill levels and if you can climb a rope ladder, you should be fit enough for the entire course. … Additionally, before your Go Ape adventure, there is a 30 minute safety training where you will practice some of the obstacles while only a couple feet off the ground.

What should I bring to Go Ape?

  • Wear Sensible Shoes. …
  • Layers are great! …
  • Add your waterproofs to your rucksack – just in case! …
  • Dig out your gloves and winter woollies. …
  • Bring along a pair of sunglasses. …
  • Be sure to pack plenty of food and drink. …
  • Check out what else is on offer at the forest.
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Has anyone died Go Ape?

A mum who plummeted 35 feet from a zip wire at a Go Ape adventure park unclipped her safety gear moments before her death, it is claimed. Tina Werner fell from a ‘treetop’ platform at Lums Pond State Park in Delaware, US, on Wednesday while fulfilling a ‘bucket list’ challenge.

Do you wear a helmet at Go Ape?

Will I be wearing a helmet? You will only have to wear a helmet if you’re participating on Forest Segway. Go Ape has consulted widely whilst risk assessing the benefits or disadvantages of participants wearing helmets on our high ropes experiences.

Can I take my phone on Go Ape?

Any mobile devices such as cameras or mobile phones that you wish to take on the course must be attached to you at all times or switched off and kept in a secure pocket. If you will be supervising any under 16 year olds.

Can you wear shorts in spring?

If you wondering what shorts can be worn in cold season, then my answer is all of them are okay to wear in spring, autumn and winter, no matter if they are brightly colored, dark colored or made of light fabrics (just add tights).

How long does it take to complete go ape?

There’s no set time for our Tree Top Adventure – you pick the pace (within reason). However, it tends to take teams around 2-3 hours to complete a course. That includes a safety demo from an experienced Go Ape team member and a practice session, where you get to learn the ropes (quite literally).

Which Go Ape is the hardest?


Is Go Ape for adults too?

Each of the 34 Go Ape locations has a unique treetop journey combined with big thrills and all naturally social distanced making it the ideal choice for a day out in the summer of 2020. Read on to discover our handpicked recommendations for a day out to remember for adult adventurers.

How scary is Go Ape treetop challenge?

What you’ve got to remember when you visit us is that, even though you’re in the tree tops, you’re extremely safe. You wear a harness and are clipped-on to safety lines, so if you were to lose your footing on one of the obstacles all you’d do is dangle there (which can be scary, but is not dangerous!).

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What kind of gloves do I need for Go Ape?

Gloves are recommended, but not required. I brought a pair of old gardening gloves with me and my husband brought work gloves, which both worked great. Go Ape also sells gloves for $6, which look nice and are not as bulky as gardening gloves can be.

Does Go Ape burn calories?

Based on an average of 100-120 minutes worth of ‘Go Ape’ time, the average amount of calories burned are: Males – 660 calories (equivalent to a six-inch pepperoni pizza) Females – 510 calories (equivalent to a bacon double-cheeseburger)

How high is Go Ape Wendover?

It features some of the most challenging crossings that Go Ape offers, which is sure to be a memorable part of your day out. The Treetop Adventure packs a punch too. Officially one of our hardest adventure courses there’s 429-metres of high rope crossings and a cracking 85-metre zip wire finale.

How long does it take to complete Go Ape Aberfoyle?

WE’VE GOT OUR FINGERS CROSSED, GUYS! If you haven’t yet visited Aberfoyle come join us and enjoy two to three hours in the trees taking on Zip Wires, Tarzan Swings, Rope Ladders and a variety of obstacles and crossings.

Can I wear a go pro at Go Ape?

BECOME THE CAMERA In film speak, this means that you’ll be filming a ‘point-of-view shot,’ where anything you see, the camera also sees and records. Accessories can be bought to help attach the camera to you; Go Pro, for instance, has optional straps which allow you to mount the camera onto a helmet.

Can I take a camera on Go Ape?

You’re welcome to bring a camera with you as long as it has a lanyard so that it can be attached to your harness (to prevent it from falling while in the trees). We recommend smaller cameras while going ape. Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any other questions. over a year ago.

Can u wear shorts in winter?

“The safety of wearing shorts in the winter really depends on what the temperature and wind-chill is outside,” said Dr. Levine. “When it starts to fall below 40 degrees, and worse, below freezing temperatures, anyone will be at risk for developing things like frostbite or hypothermia.

What shorts are in for 2021?

  • J.Crew Mercantile Men’s 9″ Inseam Flat-Front Stretch Chino Short.
  • Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit 9″ Short.
  • Volcom Men’s Frickin Drifter 20″ Chino Walk Short.
  • Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Cut-Off Short.
  • Wrangler Authentics Men’s Performance Comfort Waist Flex Flat Front Short.
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How high is the highest Go Ape?

Whinlatter Forest Park is England’s only true mountain forest. Rising to 790 metres above sea level it offers spectacular views of the Lake District and into Scotland. The highest Go Ape course in the country, at 360 metres above sea level.

Can dogs go to Go Ape?

Dogs on leads are permitted in the Go Ape area but only assistance dogs may visit the castle and grounds.

What do you wear for Go Ape in the summer?

It’s easy to know what to wear in the height of summer: a pair of shorts and a t-shirt tend to do the trick.

What’s the minimum age for Go Ape?

The minimum age is 1 year old and little adventurers should be able to stand unaided. The maximum weight per person is also 130kg (20.5stones). One participating adult (18+) can supervise up to two children aged under 6 while on the course. Supervisors for under 6’s also go for FREE.

What age group is Go Ape for?

Suitable for: Young Children (4-8) Think intricate crossings, wobbly bridges and brilliant zip wires finales – Go Ape Treetop Adventure is family-fuelled fun in the great outdoors. Designed with the younger family in mind you can either harness up and join in or cheer on from the forest floor.

How old do u need to be to go to go ape?

Go Ape’s philosophy lies with adventure and encouraging everyone to live life adventurously. We don’t put an upper age limit on our adventures- after all, there is no age limit on having fun.

How strict are go ape on height?

You will also be responsible for any children you take. For TreeTop Challenge, children must be at least 10 years old and 1.4 metres tall. One adult can supervise a maximum of two children aged 10-15 (the number of children you can supervise increases for 16-year-olds and older).

Is Go Ape scary for kids?

Go Ape Tree Top Junior (6-10 years) The Bug paid attention, got his harness clipped onto the course, and we were off. The first thing you do on the Junior adventure is have a go on a short low-level course, to get a feel for how your harness and cables work. It’s not scary at all.